SNF’s businesses are driven by the increasing scarcity of natural resources: water, minerals and hydrocarbons. We treat the water of more than 750 million people around the world and help several thousand industrial sites to recycle their water. In oil extraction, our products viscosify water, making it possible to increase the recovery rate of oil and massively reduce the consumption of water per produced barrel. In the development of the Canadian oil sands, we treat the lagoons of produced sand in order to restore their initial consistency and allow reforestation.

We are fortunate to be positioned in markets that are at the heart of sustainable development issues. We provide real solutions that help support the growth of our customers while minimizing the environmental footprint of their businesses.

In order to consolidate its leading position, SNF is constantly expanding its product range and reinvesting all of its financial resources in the improvement and expansion of its industrial facilities in order to maintain its competitiveness and that of its customers.