Polymer Relates Services

Engineering Expertise

FLOQUIP’s staff has many years of polymer preparation expertise.  We understand all aspects of polymer applications, from bulk storage through polymer application.

Systems Design

FLOQUIP’s standard equipment is designed to meet the majority of application needs using your chemicals.  We can provide site surveys, design engineering, and CAD drawing support for custom systems.

System Fabrication

Each system component is selected only after extensive field testing.  The result is the most durable, efficient, and easily-operated system for your application.

Technical Service and Field Support

FLOQUIP provides in-house or field training for the operation and maintenance of each piece of equipment.  All system components in our inventory are ready for immediate shipment. Contract technical field support is available by appointment.

Non-Polymer Related Services


FLOQUIP offers a variety of engineering services at our Midway location.  These services include: estimating, project management, systems design, CAD drawings, control systems, PCL programming, and instrumentation.


FLOQUIP’s fabrication services involve welding of carbon and stainless steel materials, as well as building equipment bases and piping systems.


FLOQUIP designs and builds electrical control panels.  They also have the ability to wire entire skid and trailer-based systems.


FLOQUIP can test the parts, pieces of equipment, or entire systems that are build in house.  There are various means to simulate real-life field conditions, conduct factory acceptance testing, or for Quality Control purposes.