Tailings are made up of natural materials including water, fine silts, residual bitumen, salts, and soluble organic compounds.  They also include solvents that are added to bitumen during the separation process.

  • Bitumen is derived from the oil sands deposits by open-pit mining and water-based extraction techniques
  • Recovered bitumen is upgraded into marketable low-sulphur synthetic crude oil (SCO)

Tailings management seeks to improve the speed and efficiency with which tailings, including MFT (mature fine tailings) can be settled, consolidated, and used for reclamation purposes – all while reducing the need for larger and larger land areas for ponds.

SNF Mining personnel work with our customers to help improve tailings management operations, and to comply with current regulatory directives.


SNF understands the challenges Oil Sands operators face.  Primary and secondary extraction require increasingly efficient separations, and therefore, SNF offers a portfolio of products that handle:

  • Primary Extraction
    • Flotation improvement
    • Tailings management
  • Secondary Extraction
    • Demulsifiers
    • Polymers and Dispersants
    • Defoamers

Look to SNF for effective and efficient solutions to:

  • Mitigate technical risk by testing process technologies on a pilot scale
  • Offer a safe, flexible, and cost-effective method to demonstrate and optimize production aspects
  • Give operators the ability to test the commercial viability of new technologies before capital investment