SNF has developed solid expertise on polymer-related engineering and equipment needs covering the entire polymer-based injection project cycle.

  • PF (Polymer flooding) mix up with water to increase viscosity and enhance sweep efficiency
  • SP consisting in injecting Surfactant(s) (to reduce interfacial tensions) and a polymer
  • ASP which involves the injection of Alkali, Surfactant(s) and Polymer
  • Water treatment specification and integration
  • Friction reducers for hydraulic fracturing
  • Any other polymer application


Cost effective, modular, plug and play, easy to transport, incremental development

SNF has developed cost-effective standardised modular systems enabling controlled polymer injection into reservoirs. Integrated skids or based on sea containers, the facilities can easily be transported and installed to be plugged onto existing installation for injection.


Expertise Polymer, cost optimisation / efficiency

Dedicated to providing our customer with low environment impact solutions while ensuring CAPEX optimisation SNF developed specific but standardised equipment for proper polymer injection enabling to control production main parameters.


Custom made, Turn key, Offshore

SNF’s recognised know-how for EOR project execution not only relies on standardised development. We offer custom made designs to consider clients requirements and constrains such as space for offshore projects. The diversity of SNF group engineering competencies worldwide enables to achieve complex turn-key projects and execute full EPC contracts.


Support to client, training, maintenance support

SNF seconds his clients for the construction and commissioning of polymer flooding projects. We offer services to manage equipment maintenance and can provide training to gain required competencies to operate polymer injection facilities.