Global Support to Exceed Customer Needs

Connected through regional business units, SNF offers dedicated Equipment & Engineering Centers that support our clients worldwide:

  • France (Engineering expertise in EOR)
  • USA (Engineering expertise in Hydraulic Fracturing)
  • Canada (Engineering expertise in EOR / Oil Sands / Hydraulic Fracturing)
  • China
  • Russia
  • Argentina
  • Indonesia
  • Oman / Kuwait
  • India

SNF has capabilities and competences to adapt design and construction of polymer facilities to accommodate:

  • International standards (API, ASME)
  • Client-specific requirements
  • Field constrains (climatic and soil conditions, available footprint)

Proven Expertise

SNF has developed proven in-house expertise related to Oil & Gas support facilities, covering all polymer-based injection projects:

  • Polymer Flooding - Blending polymer with water to increase viscosity and enhance sweep efficiency

  • Surfactant Additions - Injecting surfactant(s) and polymer to reduce interfacial tension

  • ASP - Involving the injection of Alkalai, Surfactant(s), and Polymer

  • Water treatment specifications and integration

  • Drag reduction for Hydraulic Fracturing
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FLOQUIP™ Polymer Slicing Unit (PSU)

The FLOQUIP™ PSU (Polymer Slicing Unit) is a patented proprietary equipment designed for high speed dissolution of polymer in water, under inert atmosphere with low N2 consumption and without degradation of molecular weight ensuring targeted viscosity.

It enables to dissolve high concentration of polymer (up to 15 g/L) with no filtration of mother solution required.

It’s designed to reduce downstream equipment size and optimise costs and footprint on site.

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POWDERFRAC™ Mobile Injection Unit

SNF has designed and engineered a mobile, high-output polymer injection unit using patented technology to speed hydration and delivery of dry, polyacrylamide-based friction reducers (FR). Featuring an open design, the POWDERFRAC™ X eliminates non-productive time and is a safe, reliable, and easy to operate/maintain system for preparing dry FR solutions.

When used with SNF’s FLOJET™ DRP X products, POWDERFRAC X offers a cost-effective, easy to use, and environmentally-friendly solution for applying friction reducers in hydraulic fracturing stimulation.

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Horizontal Silos

With upstream dissolution processes utilizing the PSU, specific silos have been designed to enable storage of high volumes of polymer while optimizing space and providing large polymer feeding capacities.  This equipment is based on one or two 40” HC containers customised internally.

It can be stacked on a PSU container and is easy to transport and install.

A single container unit allows 30T of polymer storage and a double silo allows 80T.

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In-Line Viscosity Measurement

Controlling injection parameters is essential to polymer feed consistency.  SNF has developed specific devices to ensure Continuous Polymer Viscosity measurement.

Two models are available:
Floquip VDH: high pressure model (200 barg)

Floquip VML: low pressure model (12 barg)

These in-line viscometers offer:

  • Continuous in line viscosity measurement
  • Stable and accurate viscosity measurement (not affected by changes of pressure)
  • No polymer solution degradation – Not exposed to O2
  • Direct low shear measurement – Measure comparable to lab viscometer
  • Recording of data
  • No waste
  • No lab operator required

Low Shear Polymer Control Valve

There are different possible options for polymer flooding depending on site configuration.

Dilution with water can be done at low or high pressure.

VPR and LPR enable to control Injection in each individual well without degrading the polymer.

FLOQUIP™ Vortex Pressure Reducer (VPR)

  • Designed to control injection pressure or injection flow of polymer solution without inducing significant degradation. Based on a series of restriction orifices and valves to ensure a consequential, controlled pressure drop.

FLOQUIP™ Linear Pressure Reducer (LPR)

  • LPR creates an adjustable pressure drop through varying lengths of tubing without inducing shearing effect.

Turn-Key Projects

Our presence worldwide and our global network enable to achieve complex turn-key projects not only focusing on polymer injection but also including water treatment and oil separation offering our customer fully integrated solutions for their field developments.

The knowledge and experience offered by SNF enables execution of full EPC contract:

  • EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation)
  • DBOOM (Design, Build, Own, Operate & Maintain)

Our engineering teams can provide optimized and competitive solutions based on standardized equipment in order to reduce costs and execution time.

In order to ease facilities set-up, SNF supports its clients worldwide for installation and construction. Our experts and local technicians will carry-out pre-inspection to identify tie-in-points. They will perform plot area surveys and identify road access.