Engineering Services

Commissioning & Start-Up

Prior commissioning, SNF supports clients to advise on how to install and set-up polymer injection facilities.

Flawless start-up of polymer injection is crucial and essential. SNF provides thus support for commissioning. Specific start-up procedures enable to perform ramp-up of the system in order to check the main injection parameters as per design requirements.

Design Studies

SNF provides a complete range of engineering design and fabrication services. With centers located near our polymer manufacturing facilities in Andrezieux (France) and Midway (Floquip), GA (USA), our engineering group provides essential equipment expertise from upfront FEED studies through to complete turnkey systems. Floquip is available to assist with:

 Conceptual studies
 Detailed design
 Injectivity tests, test yard
 Equipment selection
 Monitoring technologies
 Manufacturing and fabrication

SNF Graphic Chart Image

Design Studies

SNF provides a complete range of design and fabrication engineering services for polymer injection either based on standard modular units either engineered with tailor-made and fully integrated solutions. SNF brings support for:
o Conceptual/Feasibility studies
o FEED studies o Detailed engineering

Deployment of EOR solutions can articulate around injectivity test (or single well tracer test) and/or through the execution of pilot facilities. Eventually, Full field deployment may be considered with incremental, modular and standardised extension to limit risks and spread investments. Large central facility which will distribute polymer (mother solution) through the whole field may also be proposed.

Our engineering team can handle specific projects to meet clients’ requirements and environmental constrains such as for offshore projects. We can also deliver complete solution managing turn-key projects from design to operation.

Test Yards

Close to manufacturing sites and engineering centres, specific test yards enable to test new devices or technologies related to polymers and to assess new polymers with existing equipment. Specific tests for clients can thus be performed in different field conditions (type of brine, temperature, equipment…)

Example of test:
o polymer degradation through well head equipment
o polymer degradation through choke valve
o Pressure drop flow loop

Training & Troubleshooting

SNF provides specific training on how to use our equipment and run injection facilities. This educational guidance is meant to provide proper autonomy to clients’ operators.

In addition, we remain available on call or through site visit to provide trouble shooting services. Remote control of PIU can be proposed to assist operators while producing.

Operation & Maintenance Support

SNF operational experience within different constraining environments led to optimised maintenance program. Along project life, our dedicated O&M crew can be mobilized to operate and maintain polymer facilities. This service may include basic lab analysis and chemicals management.