Laboratory Studies

Due to the unique nature of each oilfield, polymer chemistry must be optimized for specific feild fluids and reservoir characteristics.  In addition, an understanding of the fluid flow through porous media provides valuable information on polymer performance.

Working closely with operator representatives, SNF can assist with essential screening and qualification processes in the following areas:

Polymer Selection

  • Rheology, Concentration, Thermal Stability, Shear Degradation

Core Flooding

  • Adsorption, Retention, Injectivity, Resistance Factor


  • Production Chemical Compatibility

Fluid Loss Control Agent Selection

  • Rheology and Performance Product Seclection

Drag Reduction Effect

  • Utilizing Flowloop and Miniloop to Determine Best Polymers

Produced Water

  • Polymer Detection and Quantification

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

  • Methodologies and Premium Analytical Expertise Utilizing Spectroscopy and Chromatography