SNF’s FLOPRINT™ line of thickeners allows for higher printing speeds, superior performance, increased color yield, and higher shear rate.  FLOPRINT is compatible with most classes of dyes and natural thickeners.


SNF’s FLOLUX™ line of pretreatment chemicals is used for digitally printed textiles including cotton, polyester, and poly-cotton blends.

  • FLOLUX™ DTP is a high quality anti-migrant developed by SNF to be added to the padding dye bath.  During the drying process, FLOLUX™ DTP prevents the migration of dyestuffs across the fabric and results in more uniform dyeing
  • FLOLUX™ PCR is a high-quality resin without formaldehyde.  This resin is used to increase value of garments by creating smooth and permanent wrinkles in given areas of the garment


SNF’s FLOSIZE™ line of products is used for sizing of warp yarns, and is a complete replacement for natural warp size such as starch.


SNF’s FLOFIX™ products are used for dyeing formaldehyde-free products.  This line of cationizing agents was developed to obtain special dyeing effects and improve color yield on cellulosic fibers dyed with pigments.


  • FLOLUX™ Finishing Products
  • FLOSPERSE™ Dispersing Agents
  • FLOFIX™ Fixing Agents
  • FLOLINE™ LUB Polymeric Lubricants
  • FLOLINE™ SIZE for Textile Sizing
  • FLOPRINT™ Thickeners


FLOPRINT™ thickeners offer numerous functional benefits.

Their properties are:

  • To hold the paste in the screen
  • To let the paste go through the screen when the shearing force is applied
  • To control the amount of paste that is transferred
  • To build up the viscosity quickly after the shearing force is removed
  • To hold the paste in position on the cloth against capillary forces.
  • To prevent flushing or bleeding
  • To allow the paste to penetrate to the required extent To allow the dye to get into the fiber (substantive dye printing) or
  • To allow the binder to cross-link (pigment printing)